What food can i take to australia from nz

Can you bring food from NZ to Australia?

Food items brought into Australia must be declared on Incoming Passenger Cards when arriving by plane. Biosecurity officers may need to inspect some of the food you ‘re bringing with you .

What food items are not allowed into Australia?

Do not bring or send: dried fruit. flowers and other plant material. fresh fruit. herbs. products containing dairy. raw nuts. seeds. spices.

What food can we bring into Australia?

What foods can you bring into Australia? Biscuits , bread , cakes , pastries. Cheese, butter and other dairy foods. Chocolates and confectionery. Coffee. Fish. Honey. Human breast milk. Beverage sachets.

What food is not allowed into New Zealand?

Fruits, vegetables and eggs like these can’t be brought into New Zealand. Nor can most meats, honey , cooking ingredients, herbs, and seeds or spices… Anything made of plants or wood can carry unwanted pests or diseases that could destroy our natural environment.

What Cannot be sent to Australia?

No animals, birds or insects, cheese, eggs or milk (or products containing these), meat, meat products or poultry (canned or otherwise), semen, vaccines or cultures, honey, rawhide drums, trophies or any other parts of animal products should be sent to Australia unless prior permission has been obtained from the AQIS.

What do I need to declare in Australia?

What you need to declare Don’t forget to declare everything you are carrying! Food. Diary and egg products. Animal Products. Seeds. Fresh fruit & vegetables. Plant material. Live animals and animal products (excluding domestic animals see Moving your Pets to Australia -Quarantine)

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Can I take tea bags to Australia?

Herbal tea bags are allowed into Australia if: they are commercially prepared, packaged and labelled. the tea contains ingredients of plant origin only. all material in the tea is thoroughly dried.

Can I bring packaged food into Australia?

Food items brought into Australia need to be declared on your Incoming Passenger Card if you come by plane, or on the parcels you mail. Biosecurity officers may need to inspect some of the food you’re bringing with you.

Can you send chocolate to Australia?

1. Re: Can I send chocolate to Australia ? You can send anything just be clear on the customs declaration what it is and you ‘ll be fine. Chocolate is not a problem generally.

How much cash can you bring into Australia?

Under Australian law travellers can carry an unlimited amount of cash into and out of Australia – however, amounts of $10,000 or more Australian dollars (or foreign currency equivalent) must be declared first by completing an online form.

What items do you have to declare at customs?

You must declare all items you purchased and are carrying with you upon return to the United States, including gifts for other people as well as items you bought for yourself. This includes duty-free items purchased in foreign countries, as well as any merchandise you intend to sell or use in your business.

Can you bring kitchen knives into Australia?

Single edged fixed blades are typically allowed into Australia . This includes items like kitchen knives , hunting or fishing knives .

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What is illegal in New Zealand?

Alcohol, illegal substances and guns Along with many other countries, the use, possession, cultivation or trafficking/dealing of illicit substances including cannabis/weed is illegal in New Zealand . Strict gun control is enforced. Only those with a current firearm licence/permit can own and use firearms.

How much cash can I bring into NZ?

There is no restriction on how much foreign currency you can bring in to or take out of New Zealand. However, if you arrive at an airport carrying more than NZ $10,000 in cash you will need to complete a Border Cash Report.

Can I bring maple syrup into NZ?

I agree with Selsy as I am a frequent traveller – candy & maple syrup should be fine. Most commercially packaged foodstuffs are OK but must all be declared.

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