What food can you take into fiji

What food can you take into Fiji 2019?

Declaring Food When Arriving in Fiji Meat . Eggs. Dairy products. Dried mushrooms or fungi. Honey or honey/bee products. Seeds for eating or processing into food. Nuts, herbs, spices and un-popped popcorn. Dried, cooked or preserved fruit and vegetables.

What can you bring to Fiji?

Here’s your Fiji Travel Packing Checklist: Passport & visa: You won’t be going anywhere without your passport or visa, so make sure these are the first things you pack. High SPF sunscreen: This one’s a must . Insect repellant. Camera. Bathers. Booking paperwork. Mask and snorkel. Laptop and charger.

What should you avoid in Fiji?

Be careful of eating reef fish Avoid reef fish if possible as they have been associated with sickness, not just in Fiji but in many of the South Pacific Islands. Reef fish live in shallower areas and feed off the coral, which at certain times of year can have a toxic bloom on them, infecting the fish.

Can you take tea bags into Fiji?

Hi Lisa/Darren – You can take vacuumed packed cheeses, unopened packets of snacks, biscuits, soups, coffee & tea , tinned food, into Fiji .

Is food expensive in Fiji?

Food is cheap in Fiji , with meals for a day costing around AUD$55 per person. Breakfast in Fiji will cost around AUD$6-12, and lunch at FJD$16-20 and dinner FJD$25-30. Special buffet deals are a great way to sample the fresh local seafood and local cuisine if you’re on a budget.

Is it worth going to Fiji?

Fiji is best when you go out to the Islands and spend time there, as you are looking at a week there I would say it is worth it. If you give a budget range suitable places can be suggested for you. Think Fiji if worth a visit. Fiji offers a wide range of resorts, something for every budget and ones wants in a resort.

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Can you wear shorts in Fiji?

What to Wear . While at your resort, you can wear whatever you ‘d wear on a tropical beach vacation. When away from a resort, women should avoid tops that show their shoulders and both men and women should avoid wearing shorts or skirts that expose their legs.

Will my phone work in Fiji?

Throughout the majority of the Mamanuca Islands and much of the Yasawa Islands there is 3G coverage so yes, most the time your mobile phone will work .

Is the water safe to drink in Fiji?

Is Fiji Water Safe ? The tap water in Nadi, Suva and in the resorts is generally safe to drink unless otherwise stated. Unofficially, any local will tell you it’s an acquired taste, and not recommended for visitors. Before consuming any water , make sure its treated and purified.

What can kill you in Fiji?

Forewarned is forearmed Fire Coral. Fire Coral. Sea Snakes . Three species of sea snakes reside along Fiji’s rugged coastlines, where they come to the shore to rest. Moray Eel. Cone Shells. Jellyfish. Crown-of-Thorns. Triggerfish. Sharks.

Which is better Fiji or Bora Bora?

When it comes to cost and other worldly scuba diving, Fiji is the most effective choice. However, if you want overwater bungalows and adventure on the island, Bora Bora is a great choice.

How much spending money do you need for Fiji?

Though it’s possible to keep your costs down, Fiji is not a budget travel destination. On average, tourists to Fiji spend between FJ$300 and FJ$600 a day. Travelling as a backpacker, it’s possible to get the costs as low as FJ$130 a day while luxury seekers can easily spend more than FJ$800 a day.

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Can you take alcohol into Fiji?

Each passenger of 17 years old and over can bring the following quantities of duty-free alcoholic beverages into Fiji , providing they are for personal use and not for sale: Spirits /liquors not exceeding 2.25 litres (76oz) or. Wines not exceeding 4.5 litres (152oz) or. Beers not exceeding 4.5 litres (152oz) or.

Can you bring honey into Fiji?

All plants and plant products are prohibited entry into Fiji Islands unless an Import Permit has been issued. If you are traveling to Fiji Islands and want to bring edible plant products such as dried seeds, nuts, fruit or honey , please consult the Travel Information section.

Can you take medication to Fiji?

Tip: No matter where you travel, you should carry all medications (even vitamins) in their original packaging, along with their original prescription. It’s also a good idea to carry a letter from your doctor explaining what the medications are (using generic names), what they’re for and dosage instructions.

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