What to do in mount cook

What is Mount Cook known for?

Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is a special place for Kiwis and international visitors alike. Famous for its dramatic natural beauty and holding deep spiritual significance for the Ngāi Tahu iwi, the park is home to New Zealand’s tallest mountain and longest glacier.

Can you drive up Mt Cook?

Driving to Mount Cook It takes around 45 minutes to reach Mount Cook Village, but you ‘ll probably spend longer on the journey. The road is fairly straight and easy to drive , although you may need chains if it has snowed recently.

How do I get to Mt Cook?

Here are my 10 favorite. Road to Mt . Cook Village. Hooker Valley walk. The Hooker Valley walk has to be the easiest walk to most rewarding view ratio to be found in New Zealand. Mt . Sefton. Governers Bush walk. Helicopter flight snow landing. Tasman Valley walk. Lake Pukaki lookout. Mueller Hut hike.

How do you get to Mount Cook?

Getting To Mt Cook NZ. From Christchurch: Drive south on state highway 1 to Rangitata and turn right to Geraldine- 1.5 to 2 hours. Continue to Fairlie – 30 minutes – and turn right onto state highway 8 through the beautiful Mackenzie Country, past Lakes Tekapo and Pukaki, to Twizel – 1 to 1.5 hours.

Is Mt Cook hard to climb?

Aoraki Mount Cook is a popular objective and we ascend via the classic Linda Glacier route. The climbing is strenuous and of moderate technical difficulty; the summit is one of the most satisfying and exhilarating in Australasia.

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How long does it take to walk up Mount Cook?

Aoraki Mount Cook is a serious mountaineering challenge with huge vertical relief, it is often underestimated because of its relatively low elevation. A successful climb requires recent experience, proven climbing proficiency and excellent physical fitness. The average length of day for the climb is 16 hours .

Is Mt Cook worth visiting?

Both, Mt Cook and Tekapo is worth the visit ! If you got the time – I would recommend the walk/hike to Hooker Lake. Best way to see the lake and the surrounding area is by hiking up to Mt John, which is the little mountain on the leftern shoreside.

Can you drive from Mt Cook to Franz Josef?

You can drive from Franz Josef to Mt Cook but its very round about no matter which way you go. It’ll take a good 7 hours plus to get from Franz to Mt Cook , especially if you want to stop at Fox Glacier , Cooks Beach, Haast, the waterfalls along the Haast road, Hawea and then you still have the Lindis Pass to go.

How long does it take to drive from Wanaka to Mount Cook?

2 hours and 15 minutes

How many days do you need in Mt Cook?

1.5 days

Is there snow on Mount Cook in summer?

Summer (December through February) Weather is somewhat cool this time of year in Mount Cook to be enjoyable for warm weather travelers. The average high during this season is between 66.6°F (19.2°C) and 63°F (17.2°C). On average, it rains or snows a great amount: 8 to 12 times per month.

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How high is Mount Cook Village?


Is Mount Cook a volcano?

Here are some of the more well-known mountains of New Zealand, along with some interesting facts. Mount Māngere: A volcano which last erupted about 20,000 years ago. Aoraki/ Mount Cook : This is the highest mountain in New Zealand measuring 3,754 metres high.

How do I get from Lake Tekapo to Mount Cook?

The bus from Tekapo to Aoraki / Mt Cook Village takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Enjoy free WiFi during your trip! Buses to Mt Cook depart from the car park beside the Lake Tavern, SH 8, Tekapo and arrive in Mt Cook Village at the Aoraki Lobby of the Hermitage Hotel.

Is Mount Cook active?

Aoraki / Mount Cook lies in the centre of the distinctive Alpine Fault, a 650 km long active fault in the Southern Alps. It is responsible for the uplift of Aoraki / Mt Cook and is believed to move every 100 to 300 years. It last moved in 1717.

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