Where is james cook university

What university did James Cook go to?

James Cook University (JCU) is a public university in North Queensland, Australia. The second oldest university in Queensland, JCU is a teaching and research institution. James Cook University .

Coat of Arms of James Cook University
Former names University College of Townsville (1961-70)
Campus Suburban and regional
Affiliations IRU

How do I apply to James Cook University?

Apply now Step 1: Call or email us. 1300 535 919. [email protected] jcu .edu.au. Step 2: Gather your documents. Transcripts and certificates. Documents to confirm any past studies. Step 3: Apply online. Once you’ve completed Steps 1 and 2 to study with JCU Online, you’re ready to go! Apply now.

Why is Jcu in Brisbane?

Offering excellence in teaching and research, JCU is a vibrant, multi-campus university with its main sites in the tropical Queensland cities of Townsville and Cairns, and modern city campuses in Singapore and Brisbane . 5 stars for full-time job success (Good Universities Guide 2020).

When was James Cook established?

How old is Captain Cook now?

James Cook
James Cook , portrait by Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland, c. 1775, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich
Born 7 November [O.S. 27 October] 1728 Marton, Yorkshire, England
Died 14 February 1779 (aged 50) Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii
Cause of death Stab wound

Is James Cook a good university?

James Cook University is one of the top Public universities in Townsville, Australia. It is ranked #=462 in QS Global World Rankings 2021.

How many students go to James Cook University?

15,197 (2010)

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